Suffolks with Substance


~David and Goliath~

"Freight Train", one of our ranch raised studs, visiting with "Gabby", our range poodle puppy. This buck not only has the hip, mass and thickness of his sire, "Great Divide", he also inherited his easy going disposition.


Some of the Prairie Rose brood ewes and yearling ewes (slick shorn 3rd week in June)coming in off of the lower pasture in the afternoon for shade and water in July. We strive for ewes that are consistently uniform and correct in phenotype and conformation as well as for ewes that exhibit excellent maternal abilities.


Sired by "Strictly Business", Luxford 1234A, this Prairie Rose ram stood 4th in Class 1 at the Nugget in 2006 and sold to a Washington breeder.


"Burlington Northern"

This massive stud created quite a stir amongst the range ram producers of the west at the 2006 Nugget All American.
He sold for $8,500 after spirited bidding. He also sired our "Ticket to Ride" stud ram that sold in '07 for $2,000.



Twin to "Burlington Northern", this stud sold privately to J&A Phillips Ranch as a yearling in 2006. He did a bang up job for them!! We used this ram along with Burlington Northern, when they were lambs and got some outstanding lambs from each stud. "D'Artagnon" sired "Mule Train", our stud that sold at the National Suffolk Sale for $3,500, as well as our yearling ewes at the sale that were popular amongst the buyers. He also sired our popular ram lamb that sold at the Newell Ram Sale in '06 for $1,050.
D'Artagnon and Burlington Northern are sired by "Great Divide".


This young RR/NN stud prospect was in our keeper pen in 07-08. He was a very attractive, level hipped, structurally correct buck with a extremely level dock. Sired by "Saddle Tramp", Luxford 1256A, a stud that sired some great lambs for us with some real product and pizzazz. This buck sold privately as a yearling in 2008 to an Idaho breeder.


"TomBoy" as a triplet ewe lamb. Some of you remember "TomBoy" our 2005 model out of "Great Divide" and "Dottie", Prairie Rose 509. "TomBoy" has grown into a fine ewe; the type of ewe we strive to breed. Pictured to the right, is one of "TomBoy's" full sisters just two years younger. Quality and consistency is what we have come to expect from progeny out of "Great Divide". Stay tuned for photos of TomBoy's own ram lamb, a young ram worthy of staying in the keeper pen and looking at a potential trip to Reno in 2008.


"Deja Vu". This young triplet ewe lamb is "TomBoy's" full sister but 2 years younger ("Great Divide x Prairie Rose 509, "Dottie"). We also have "Deja Vu's" triplet sister in the keeper pen who could be called "Deja Vu-2". These lambs are examples of the consistent quality that their sire, "Great Divide" produces.


Another Prairie Rose yearling ram with the width, natural thickness, bone, hip, depth of body and spring of rib that many of our customers desire throughout the west. He sold to a western ram producer. Pictured at 14 mos. of age.


"Barn BuRRner"

This Pleasant Valley stud was Champion Ram at the Western Purebred Show and Sale and was one of our main studs a couple of years ago while we were building the "R" gene into the flock. He was a massive individual who's progeny fleshed well and looked good away from the corn crib. We kept several of his daughters back in the flock and they have been and still are, big capacious ewes that are excellent mothers with more than ample milk. They are also long-lived, a trait that is as valuable indeed.

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